Wise Marriage Advice

I'm sure at some point each of you have heard this advice in the past.

Maybe just a reminder.

-Choose to love each other, even when you struggle to like each other.

-Always answer the phone when your spouse calls.

-Spend time together.

-Make laughter a regular occurance.

-Nobody "wins" in an argument.

-What happens between the sheets is important too.

-Divorce is 50/50 - Marriage is 100% from each.

-Don't compare your life to that of others.

-Never keep secrets from each other.

-Never lie to each other.

-Admit to the mistake and ask forgiveness.

-Be patient.

-Encourage don't criticize.

-Don't air the dirty marriage laundry to anybody.

-Wear the "circle of trust" proudly.

-If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

-NEVER consider divorce an option.

-Work at your marriage.

-Reassess each other's needs.

-Don't keep score.

The main point is :

Remember why you got married!

You love your spouse.


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