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Constant state of flux

Where to start... Oh! I know.... March 2019.

I stepped up to take on more responsibilities at my part time job. After all it's the only work that I have right now. This is a good thing, I can concentrate 100% effort into excelling at my job.

Makes me think of a quote from the movie: The Devil wears Prada.

"My personal life is falling apart.

Nigel: That's what happens when you start doing well at work. Let me know when your entire life goes up in smoke, means it's time for a promotion."

I don't know if it's time for a promotion, how can you be promoted when everybody including your boss is part time? HUM.... Anyway, I am now working approximately 40 hours a week in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Let us not forget I am married and live 2 hours south of "Da Burg", so that means I am away for 3 to 4 days week. That causes stress.

Brief rundown of the month so far:

8th: Got back to the house after being gone since the 5th working in "Da Burg"

9th: fought

10th: Husband and I went to the movies together. I wanted to see the new How toTrain Your Dragon movie. Then I bought us Outback for dinner. I will take 2 9 oz filets and 2 lobster Tails, Thank you very much.

11th: drove to Pittsburgh for work

12th: mother-in-law passes away at 8pm.

-I am already scheduled to work the midnight shift (11pm-7am), so I could not call off with only a couple hours notice. BUT, I did call off the 13th midnight shift.

13th: @7am when I am done with my shift I drive to WV. I arrived around 930am and unload my car, load the dog & kennel, along with appropriate clothing for the sad occasion. and get on the road by 11am starting the 7 hour road trip to SoVa where my in-laws live. Get 3 hours into the trip, can't keep my eyes open. Fill up my car and park next to the gas station to get some shut eye. NOTE I am in an area I have traveled quite frequently but you just never know, so I sleep with my gun in my lap. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK it's the Fuzz. The Officer startles me, I pull out my gun, put it on the passenger seat and speak to the Officer who, of course wants to know what I am doing sleeping here. I quickly give him the whole shpeel, along with my PA ID and Work ID. (Meanwhile, the dog is losing her mind) He gives me my info back and I sleep for another 30 minutes before getting started again. I arrived at the in-laws around 7pm-ish.

14th-16th: Funeral obligations.

(The night of the 16th at about 230am I jolted awake by left face pain, so I barely slept. I couldn't sleep horizontal, so I went into the living room and slept in a recliner for a few hours)

17th: I bought all the ingredients and made Sunday breakfast for the family that was in town.

(Fresh fruit Crepes - one of my family's breakfast specialties, and my fav) After breakfast, I packed the car and head back to WV. I was using orajel like it was going out of style the whole way home and got little to no sleep because me face hurt so bad.

18th: Got up at 4am packed and headed for Pittsburgh to be at work by 7am. Doubled Daylight midnight. The orajel stopped helping the pain today and throughout the night shift I literally drank 8 bottles of water because it was the only thing that would relieve the pain in my mouth.

19th: When I got off work at 7am I had not eaten anything because I couldn't. I decided that I needed to go to the dentist. I figured that I might be a deep filling that I had done about a year and a half ago, and I might need a root canal. So I found a sedation dentist in Bridgeville, Pa that opened at 8am. I got to his office about 730am and the lights were all on so I tried the door and it was open. I went in and by 8am I had X-rays done and the Dr said you need a root canal and you had 2 abscesses in your jaw under the roots of your two back teeth. I opted for the sedation and he gave my 6 shots of Novocain to help alleviate the pain. Well the shots affected the optic nerve and It temporarily paralyzed my eye along with the rest of my face. The Dr said, you can't drive and I can have you in for the root canal around 930am. So I went out to the car and called my husband, my boss - and called off work (if I had sedation, I was not allowed to drive for 24 hours). As I went back inside the office the Novocain was already starting to wear off. So they had me sign my life away and they knocked me out! I woke up and was in zero pain. They gave me another shot before I left the office (which kept my face numb till 8pm). My husband and I went to get my prescriptions. Disagreed about my recovery location. (He wanted me to go back to WV and recover and then he would drive me back to PA the next day. I didn't want to do that.) So he took me to my grandmother's house, about 15 minutes away and I spent the night there.

20th: Hair apt. Worked midnight shift

21st: Worked daylight and drove home to WV after my shift ended @ 3pm. I had a cheese tray and nachos for dinner tonight. I had a hard time sleeping because since I had the surgery, I have had terrible acid reflux and abdominal pain at night.

22nd: Errands and grocery shopping. Made fish dinner, made my husband pan seared salmon with asparagus and rice. I made myself hand breaded fried flounder and rice. I had a hard time sleeping because since I had the surgery, I have had terrible acid reflux and abdominal pain at night.

23rd: Fought. Made caprese salads for dinner tonight. Again, I had a hard time sleeping because since I had the surgery, I have had terrible acid reflux and abdominal pain at night.

24th: Attended funeral service for Betty's Mamaw's Sister. Fought. Dave ate out and I had a combination sandwich (Bread, lettuce, tomato, bacon, fried egg covered in melted cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, bread... in that order - makes for a thick sandwich but it's so good) for myself for dinner. Again, I had a hard time sleeping because since I had the surgery, I have had terrible acid reflux and abdominal pain at night. I tossed and turned for about two hours trying to sleep but my stomach hurt so bad. I think that the meds I was taking were causing issues.

25th: Got up at 4am and left for Pittsburgh by 5am. Worked daylight and midnight.

26th: Ate breakfast at one of my main Pittsburgh spots, love the short stack. Was told my union might be over. Heartbroken and crushed. I also had to go see my Dad in the nursing home and I had a meeting with his case worker about some issues and his upcoming surgery on Thursday

28th. My mum and her B/F are flying back from New Zealand tonight, and won't arrive until tomorrow morning. 18hour flight. Still having abdominal pain. At night the reflux is horrible.

Stay Tuned...

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