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El Perro con pantalones

After getting a new dog sometimes you come up with funny nick names. So the day that we decided to get our new puppy was our wedding anniversary. We've been married for three years. Puppy was born July 21st and the day we decided to get her was August 15th. I had been bugging my husband since we found out the Mum Dog, Linda, was pregnant but, It didn't become real until we were driving to our anniversary dinner and on the radio came the song Black Betty. My husband and I looked at each other and that was it we were naming her Betty. It's real now! So the puppy's official name is Black Betty Boop Thomas. As time goes on you deviate from the original name and you start with nicknames. The first was "Booper". Every now and again I call her "Bet". We call her "Fuzzy Muzzle" and "Lovee".

I think my favorite I came up with was El Perro con pantalones. This all started because she has these wonderful blonde butt cheeks. Her hair in the back of her bum is feathered. As it runs down from her bottom of her butt cheeks to her lower part of your leg and feathers inward around her legs.

Recently, I took Betty to see her Papaw and I was telling him the story about the hair on the back of Betty's legs and how I called her El Perro con Pantalones and he quickly corrected me. We call those "fender skirts", needless to say Betty's Pappaw is a race car mechanic of old British race cars. So it made complete sense that he would call the hair on the back of her legs fender skirts. The whole interaction gave me a good chuckle.

Betty's 9 1/2 months old now and every time time she goes to the groomer we tell them to just trim her golden butt cheek locks a little bit, because we love them!


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