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Precariously placed Perfectly purple plum in the police car

Interesting when you come to work and find fruit in the duty car at work. Memorial Day Monday, I came to work at 7 a.m. went through the police car to check it over before the beginning of my shift like I do every shift. And I found a perfectly purple plum in the police car. Made me laugh because there are three of us that use this police car and two of us were there on Memorial day at work and the younger kid is 20 I'm in my early thirties and the other officer that uses this car is in his early 60's. The 20-something police officer picked it up and said "oh there's an apple in the police car." It made me laugh because he had a bit of confusion on his face as he held it up and called it an apple.

As I started laughing and said no that's a precariously placed perfectly purple plum. And being that there's only three of us a drive this car and two of us were there and neither of us knew anything about the perfectly purple plum. It must have been the other officer's. As our Memorial Day Parade started, the third police officer attended the parade as a civilian with his granddaughter. Her cuteness distracted me and I forgot to ask him if the plum was his.

Now a day later, Tuesday, I saw the third police officer, and asked him if he left a precariously placed perfectly purple in the police car. He said well where was it precariously placed? I said between the passenger door in the passenger seat almost on the floor he said oh it must have rolled off the seat. Feel free to eat the perfectly purple plum. So I did!

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