Another Year gone by....

As we start another new year 2019, we are reflecting on the insanity that was the previous year!

In 2018, I thought that I would kick start the A.R.T. Creations - Tasks, Trips & Treats Blog.

That DID NOT Happen....Sorry, Life is crazy and free time is sparse!

Reflecting back on 2018:



I accomplished alot of tasks last year.

- We put in a new tub surround in the rental property (mostly by ourselves)

- I replaced 2 light fixtures in the house

- Fixed the dryer heating element

(until it didn't work, and he had to buy a new, used dryer for the rental property)

* this doesn't include all tasks, just some, but stay tuned for a post about each project*



* I traveled almost every week from West by God Virginia (where we currently reside) to the greater Pittsburgh, Pa region (where I am originally from) = craziness,

small type of trips (2 hrs driving each way)

* My husband races vintage race cars (we met at a vintage car race) and we run a charity supporting combat-wounded veterans racing vintage race cars. ( So we travel at least one full weekend a month with those races, starting in April and ending on Thanksgiving weekend. That is usually from southern Virginia up to Pittsburgh, Pa. We have traveled as far as southern Florida / Austin,Texas / Monterey, California in the past but not in 2018.

* We travel every couple of months through Richmond, Virginia (got to see most Dave's friends) and on down to southern Virginia to see the in-laws (Dave's parents and sister). about 7 hours each way driving.

- We got another opportunity to going skiing at Seven Springs earlier this year, with Dave's cousins. Always a blast. Completely comp'd weekend (no expense to us, except driving to get there, always a plus A+) January

- I got to go to Erie, PA for work. During which time I spent the night at my Mum's best friend's house. Haven't seen her family for probably 15+ years, and I got to see them all. The mom, the dad and I got to spend good time with both girls. Best pizza in the entire area - Must stop if you are in Erie, PA. (

(Best results for a spur of the moment trip of the entire year) June

- I got to do a quick over night trip to Somerset, PA. I spent the night with a long time family friend, listening to music and drawing music inspired pictures. Use to be a getaway from the craziness of life and be off the grid, but there has been a new cell phone tower put in across the valley and now you can't even get away from technology. (although, we wouldn't be able to listen to most of the music without youtube, so it might be a trade off). Here is a link to the kind of music that we listen to in Somerset.


It's definitely a TRIP! (just a different kind of trip, i'll tell ya) June

- We got took an opportunity to visit some friends in Virginia Beach, Va / Kitty Hawk, NC / Moorehead City, NC. Dave and I went to the Virginia Beach Military Museum during a fly in. Oh what beautiful history they have collected. Next we attended a baby shower for one of our racing friend couples. Great fun in the rain meeting alot of new people! (young military families) It was a blast. We had dinner the next day with Duffy and his family (one of Dave's friends), Chris and Molly, and the Hooves (nickname - baby shower hosts). Next day, it was off to Kitty Hawk, NC for breakfast with another racing friend and dropping off race car parts to him for an upcoming event (that we don't attend). Straight through to Morrehead City, NC to see another friend (Willard) for lunch, in the gymnastic gym where he is the head coach. Then home. August

- I got to spend alot of time with my cousin Amanda this year while I was in southern Virginia (compared to other years). We have such a blast! Sleepovers, board games, cooking, baking, swimming in my sister-in-law's new pool, photography, pizza, friends and lots of laughter. August - September

- We got to go to W&M Homecoming this past year! It was one of the 10th year reunions for my husband. I won't let on how many times that 10 years has been multiplied. We had a great time with one of Dave's class mates that we didn't know was going to be attending. This gentleman and his family attended from Spokane, WA. Wonderful to run itno them. Not to mention I absolutely love Colonial Williamsburg. October

- Surprise birthday trip planned by my Mum and Husband to visit my mum in Florida for a few days over my birthday. (First time that I have spent my actual birthday with my mum in about 10 or 12 years - she is always in Florida) Super exciting surprise! November

- Christmas time in Colonial Williamsburg has become an annual tradition. We celebrated Grand Illumination this year with Chris and Molly. (Chris and Dave and been friends since grade school) It was nice to be able to spend the night at Gorse Rivah B&B. Party for six please. Dinner, drinks, games, christmas gifts, breakfast, laughter, a walk to the point and catching up. We had a blast and as always couldn't be luckier to have these friends in our life. December

***Biggest trip of all was getting our new puppy Betty - she is still a nutball at 5 mths***



We have been trying to cut back on treats at the house. So.... the main treats that I can tell you I baked this past year

- Double Cuz Peach Cobbler. (Made with Amanda in southern Virginia)

- Ashley's Famous Cheesecake.

- (Big Hit - from a box) Krusteaz Cinnamon Crumb Cake

- (My favorite frozen pie) Marie Callender Razzleberry Pie-both Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner

- Peanut Butter Cookies (made a couple dozen cookies with my mother-in-law)

- Barbara's Renown Cranberry Sauce (my mother-in-law's recipe)

*Look for future blog posts with these recipes*

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