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Marriage Advice

Marriage brings together two individuals from two different backgrounds with two completely unique ways of thinking.

Your lifestyle needs to line up with what your actual income is—not what you wish it was.

Everyone’s personality is different, and opposites tend to attract.

News flash—you’re both on the same team here! Use your personality differences to unite and become a stronger team.

Instead of seeing the full pot as "our money," you might think you have leverage over the other—all thanks to a few extra digits on your paycheck. Sometimes the spouse bringing in the most money can feel entitled to the most say. Don’t even go there. That’s just asking for marital problems.

How to work on it:

It’s not "yours" or "mine"—it’s ours. There’s no reason to hold a higher income over the other’s head. You’re on the same team. Start acting like it.

Don’t let your unrealistic expectations pave the way for marital problems and discord.

Marriage Is a Partnership

It’s time to find common ground. You married a different person for a reason. Believe it or not, you need their skills—especially the ones you don’t have. That free spirit or smart one can bring valuable insight and knowledge to the table. They are your teammate, and it’s time to start treating them like one.

These few things are how I feel.

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