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My life is absolutely insane.

Do you feel like that too, sometimes? 

I have decided to start a blog as an outlet and to help others so they can use my experiences in life as a guide for an eclectic variety of tasks, trips and treats!

December 17, 2019

As we get close to the Christmas season, I thought that I might share a great holiday treat with y'all.

These little sweet treats are super quick and easy to make. They will be gone in the blink of an eye.

What you will need before getting started:

1 Large nonstick stove...

September 25, 2019

Marriage brings together two individuals from two different backgrounds with two completely unique ways of thinking.

Your lifestyle needs to line up with what your actual income is—not what you wish it was.

Everyone’s personality is different, and opposites tend to attra...

September 14, 2019

I can't believe August is over already! Where has 2019 gone? As a kid the in my life always told me enjoy this time while you're young because once you get older time flies. I never understood what they meant when I was younger now that I'm in my early 30's it's amazin...

June 11, 2019

I can say I've been to Aruba now. I don't know what all the hype is about. I wasn't very impressed compared to the Bahamas with the underwater life and scuba diving in Aruba. They have no sharks, which is a big ticket item when you're scuba diving, everybody hopes to s...

June 7, 2019

Interesting when you come to work and find fruit in the duty car at work. Memorial Day Monday, I came to work at 7 a.m. went through the police car to check it over before the beginning of my shift like I do every shift. And I found a perfectly purple plum in the polic...

June 5, 2019

I decided to pursue training my personal dog to be a police working dog.

I sought out a company that trains working dogs. I had a meeting with a gentleman that owns the company. He was very positive about the idea. Initially I was nervous because I always thought the do...

June 4, 2019

After getting a new dog sometimes you come up with funny nick names. So the day that we decided to get our new puppy was our wedding anniversary. We've been married for three years. Puppy was born July 21st and the day we decided to get her was August 15th. I had been...

March 27, 2019

Where to start... Oh! I know.... March 2019. 

I stepped up to take on more responsibilities at my part time job. After all it's the only work that I have right now. This is a good thing, I can concentrate 100% effort into excelling at my job. 

Makes me think of a quote f...

March 27, 2019

I walked into the storage room in the basement of our rental house one day to find water leaking through the ceiling.

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