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My life is absolutely insane.

Do you feel like that too, sometimes? 

I have decided to start a blog as an outlet and to help others so they can use my experiences in life as a guide for an eclectic variety of tasks, trips and treats!

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Wise Marriage Advice

I'm sure at some point each of you have heard this advice in the past. Maybe just a reminder. -Choose to love each other, even when you struggle to like each other. -Always answer the phone when your spouse calls. -Spend time together. -Make laughter a regular occurance. -Nobody "wins" in an argument. -What happens between the sheets is important too. -Divorce is 50/50 - Marriage is 100% from each. -Don't compare your life to that of others. -Never keep secrets from each other. -Never lie to each other. -Admit to the mistake and ask forgiveness. -Be patient. -Encourage don't criticize. -Don't air the dirty marriage laundry to anybody. -Wear the "circle of trust" proudly. -If you can't say an

Another Year gone by....

As we start another new year 2019, we are reflecting on the insanity that was the previous year! In 2018, I thought that I would kick start the A.R.T. Creations - Tasks, Trips & Treats Blog. That DID NOT Happen....Sorry, Life is crazy and free time is sparse! Reflecting back on 2018: Tasks I accomplished alot of tasks last year. - We put in a new tub surround in the rental property (mostly by ourselves) - I replaced 2 light fixtures in the house - Fixed the dryer heating element (until it didn't work, and he had to buy a new, used dryer for the rental property) * this doesn't include all tasks, just some, but stay tuned for a post about each project* Trips * I traveled almost every week from

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